Professional Services

Professional services are our training, implementation and after sales services. These services will give the customers a peace of mind, as Pyxis will provide continues support, with the appointment of a project manager to be reponsible for all the professional services related to a client

IT Vision

The pre-implementation visit for the survey and technical meeting by the project manager, will ensure to data, hardware and peripeheral preparation, including the infra structure to pace the way for the training and implementation processes

System Installation

The system installation is the installation of Pyxis Application software on the server and the terminal by Pyxis technician, and accompanied by the technical support staff of the client under the supervision of the project manager


This is intensive training before the actual running of the software, in order to introduce the system, and also how to operate. The training will be performed by each module, and trying to work on some cases, that may occured during the real operation of the system

The effectiveness of the operation of each employee will be the target of this phase


The implementation is aprocess whereby the Pyxis trainer will assist the customer staff to operate live. The Pyxis staff will supervise the transaction data entry, until the system produce the output accordingly or producing the standard reports. The project manager and the person in charge from the client will evaluate regularly to ensure the system is working properly until it become live operation

Database Migration

The database migration is a process of migrating the current data. Pyxis will create script to migrate the data. This will be applicable to the existing customer who wants to upgrade the system. The migration will performed by Pyxis staff under the supervision of the project manager