A Powerful and flexible Front Office System that may grow along with your hotel’s requirements         

This version is suitable for all classes of hotel, with full functions and analysis, with optional device integration, which can be activated by the individual hotel needs.


  • Easy handling for individual or group reservation, bundling with informative graphical user interface for reservation chart make it easier to do fast booking with direct room assignment.
  • Directly integrated to sales and marketing, guest profile, travel agent and corporate contract including pre-defined package plans
  • Automatic high, low, weekday, weekend, special day rate
  • Complete audit trail of new reservation, cancellation and alteration to individual and group reservation
  • Real time availability verification
  • Automatic facsimile confirmation transmission
  • Link with e-Pariwisata booking engine
  • Link with major channel manager for easier link to OTAs
  • Central reservation ready  with 3 choices methods using conventional VPN, direct connection to site using EZYDA, or Web Based Pyxis e-CRS module
  • Multiple room source inventory selling ( from allotment, block or in-house )


  • Graphical express check-in
  • Flexible and user friendly room management
  • Real time hotel status in graphical forms
  • Room layout and room mapping capability
  • Complete audit trail of all guest modification data

+Front Office Cashier

  • One point service for foreign exchange
  • Billing direction for folio charging or blocking
  • Easy process for splitting bills, either individually or by a certain criteria
  • Efficient group folios handling
  • Cashier instruction and attention display
  • Fast posting facility to ease and quicken posting process
  • Complete audit trail of all guest folio charges and movements
  • Sophisticated deposit management handling
  • Unlimited folio creation



  • Quick process of room status update
  • Out of Order and block room facilities
  • Guest and room amenities posting
  • Room maintenance
  • Room discrepancy report
  • Loss and found facility
  • Fast mini-bar posting
  • Housekeeping board and sheets

+Night Audit

  • Easy and fast process with intelligence problems finder
  • Automatic production of 3 Ledger balance, Hotel Operation summary and statistical reports

+Yield Management Analysis

  • Occupancy and average rate forecast by room, group and revenue
  • Market segment reporting for past, present and future
  • Sales production reporting
  • Budget VS actual comparison
  • Package plan limitation controls
  • Group amendment and cancellation tracking
  • Agent, corporate and individual activity reports including Top “N” ranking
  • Group allotment  analysis and forecast

+Guest History / Services

  • Directly Integrated to Reservation
  • Database records for better CRM
  • Automatic creation of Guest History records
  • Merging facility for duplicate records
  • Guest history data querying

+Folio History

  • All guest folio are maintained such as name, address, rate, package, room type, special request, guest service,  billing request, etc.
  • The folio detail history file retains all guests accounting details(i.e. charges and payments ). Similar to guest history, when a guest’s folio is checked-out, the folio passes the folio history selection criteria, the header and the detail will be automatically placed into the folio history files during the night audit process
  • An unlimited amount of records can records can reside in these history files

+Sales and Contract Rate Management

  • Directly integrated to Reservation module
  • Flexible rate configuration
  • Flexible package plan configuration, including seasonal patterns (high, low, shoulder, weekend, weekdays, Christmas, etc )
  • Ability to define package posting method and frequency
  • Ability to display package posting details in reservation screen
  • Easy maintaining agents, corporate profiles and contract rates
  • Ability to create room allocations or allotments with cut off day period
  • Definable day status with yield condition logic ( i.e. close agents rate when occ. > 80 % on period 5 Jan – 10 Feb )
And much more……