This version is the most completed in one package with all addons function built-in

ESTEEM and ULTRA are equals, where the difference are on the optional addons functions


  • Easy handling for individual or group reservation, bundling with informative graphical user interface for reservation chart make it easier to do fast booking with direct room assignment.

  • Directly integrated to sales and marketing, guest profile, travel agent and corporate contract including pre-defined package plans
  • Automatic high, low, weekday, weekend, special day rate
  • Complete audit trail of new reservation, cancellation and alteration to individual and group reservation
  • Real time availability verification
  • Automatic facsimile confirmation transmission
  • Link with e-Pariwisata booking engine
  • Link with major channel manager for easier link to OTAs
  • Central reservation ready¬† with 3 choices methods using conventional VPN, direct connection to site using EZYDA, or Web Based Pyxis e-CRS module
  • Multiple room source inventory selling ( from allotment, block or in-house )


  • Graphical express checkin
  • Flexible and user friendly room management
  • Real time hotel status in graphical forms
  • Room layout and room mapping capability
  • Complete audit trail of all guest modification data

+Front Office Cashier

  • One point service for foreign exchange
  • Billing direction for folio charging or blocking
  • Easy process for splitting bills, either individually or by a certain criteria
  • Efficient group folios handling
  • Cashier instruction and attention display
  • Fast posting facility to ease and quicken posting process
  • Complete audit trail of all guest folio charges and movements
  • Sophiscated deposit management handling
  • Unlimited folio creation


  • Quick process of room status update
  • Out Of Order and block room facilities
  • Guest and room amenities posting
  • Room maintenance
  • Room discrepancy report
  • Loss and found facility
  • Fast minibar posting
  • Housekeeping board and sheets

+Night Audit

  • Easy and fast process with inteligence problems finder
  • Automatic production of 3 Ledger balance, Hotel Operation summary and statistical reports

+Yield Management Analysis

  • Occupancy and average rate forecast by room, group and revenue
  • Market segment reporting for past, present and furure
  • Sales production reporting
  • Budget VS actual comparison
  • Package plan limitation controls
  • Group amendment and cancellation tracking
  • Agent, corporate and individual activity reports inclusing Top “N” ranking
  • Group allotment¬† analysis and forecast

+Guest History/Services

  • Directly Integrated to Reservation
  • Database records for better CRM
  • Automatic creation of Guest History records
  • Merging facility for duplicate records
  • Guest history data querying

+Folio History

  • All guest folio are maintained such as name, address, rate, package, room type, special request, guest service,¬† billing request, etc.
  • The folio detail history file retains all guests accounting details(i.e. charges and payments ). Similar to guest history, when a guest’s folio is checked-out, the folio passes the folio history selection criteria, the header and the detail will be automatically placed into the folio history files during the night audit process.
  • An unlimited amount of records can records can reside in these history files

+Sales and Contract Rate Management

  • Directly integrated to Reservation module.
  • Flexible rate configuration
  • Flexible package plan configuration, including seasonal patterns (high, low, shoulder, weekend, weekdays, christmast, etc )
  • Ability to define package posting method and frequency
  • Ability to display package posting details in reservation screen
  • Easy maintaining agents, corporate profiles and contract rates
  • Ability to create room allocations or allotments with cut off day period
  • Definable day status with yield condition logic ( i.e. close agents rate when occ. > 80 % on period 5 jan – 10 feb )
And much more……